Work and a little fun too

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Good Morning Las Vegas

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It’s Magic, magic, magic



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5 words…

January is traditionally slow for retail stores, but in the buying department it is a whole different story.  This month means reviewing holiday business, year-end business and booking Fall 2012 orders.

5 words to sum up my week….catalogs, emails, spreadsheets, to-do lists, finished!!

Have an amazing weekend!

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My past couple days

I have been traveling recently for work, which is why I have been a little slack on the daily posts (not a good excuse, I know).

Twice a year I travel for FL for a trade show, Surf Expo.

Quite before the storm..

Then it was time to pack up and head to destination #2

After a flight west and some amazing views…

we arrived in Phoenix!

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Inventory of your life and my stores

Most people at the start of a new year take inventory of their life.  They account for everything they have and that in turn helps them to determine what they need. I too take an inventory…of my stores.  Just as in life we account for everything we have and it helps us determine what we will need for that upcoming year.

It has definitely been a LONG and productive week.  While I love organization, order and accountability, I will not be sad to see these little babies return their safe little spot for another 4 months!!

Happy Friday…enjoy the weekend!

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Sandy Tranquility

Today I was down in Kill Devil Hills for work.  If you have never been to the Outer Banks of North Carolina you should definitely plan a trip.  It is made up of beautiful beach towns that instantly creates a feeling of tranquility and peace when you arrive.

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