Good Morning Las Vegas

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It’s Magic, magic, magic



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Sunrise, 20,000 feet in the air

I always enjoy sunrise and sunset, but to see a sunrise from the airplane was a whole different story.  I can not describe the beauty and peace from seeing the sun rise above the clouds for the day.

Have an amazing day and take a little time to enjoy the sun!

Sunrise 20,000 feet above from stephanie nachnani on Vimeo.

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An Oasis in the Desert

This past week I traveled to Arizona to visit a very good friend of mine  The hubs had business to attend to in AZ and thought I would tag along for fun.  If you have never been to AZ it is very beautiful.  I know I was pretty slack on posting pictures last week, but since I took over 200 photos on my trip I think that makes up for the couple days I missed.

I couldn’t choose which photos I loved the most so I made a little video.  I hope you enjoy!

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