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A Good Mixtape Can Put You In The Right Mood

I have a very healthy obsession with music.  I am not even really sure how far it dates back, but I am pretty sure I inherited it from my parents.  It may have started with my obsession with the movie Grease, or my early cassettes of the Go-Go’s, but it has stuck with me for a good portion of my life.

For me, music is literally the soundtrack of my life.  There is nothing better than the feeling you get from a song that transports you back into another time, memories flooding in like water.  I can pretty much tell if I am going to like a song within the first 20 seconds, and I am always looking for new music.  So when I found out about this amazing little app called Shazam it was instant love!  How is this possible, is it magic???  Is there a team of people listening to each song captured?  Do they have a database that is the size of Rhode Island?  Who cares, IT ROCKS!!!

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Good Advertising????

Advertising is a tricky business.  How do you reach all consumers the same?  How do you get them to buy your product?  Do you exemplify the benefits or the feeling it gives you?

This morning I saw this…

At first I thought it was cute and kind of funny.  Then the more I thought it made me start thinking that maybe I am spending too much on clothing.  Would it make me walk into this store and purchase a new outfit…doubtful.  But it did make me turn my car around, pull out my camera, take a picture and share it with you.  So in that sense I guess it did work!


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Movies on the Plane

I have been traveling for work all day.  One of my favorite things about traveling is watching movies on the plane.  The Ipad is awesome to watch movies on, my own personal little theatre.

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Ma’s Lockshop

I was driving on the interstate today and saw this…

While it’s a cleaver use of the license plate I do not think I would trust this van to create a copy of my car key.  The only thing missing on this van is the slogan “One for you, and one for Me!”

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