A day of organization

I love organization.  I could spend hours here.  Usually  each season change I like to clean out my closet and re-organize it.  I have a system I like to keep, and I tend to be slightly ocd about it.

At the start of each season I turn all my hangers in one direction.  As I wear the items I change the hanger to face the other direction.  This allows me to see what I have worn and what I have not worn in a while.  Those items that have not been worn all season get to take a trip to the thrift store.

Of course no closet with complete without a pretty chandelier.

I am not really a heel kinda girl, I am more of a flats, Vans and sandal kinda girl.

And yes, the my closet is purple and I LOVE IT!

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Self reflection after a month

I do not consider myself a great photographer or even a good one, but I do love every photo I have taken.  They may not be artistic, dramatic or beautiful, they are me.  I read that you should photograph yourself each month to see how you have changed within the year.  If you know me you know I would rather be taking the picture than be in it.  Since this little project of mine is to appreciate and remember here it goes….

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Horoscope for the new year??

Pretty much sums me up…

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