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A long awaited homecoming

January is the worst when it comes to trade shows.  There are so many in this month that my love is usually gone the majority of the month.

Well the month is over and he is finally home!

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Lazy Sunday

It’s been a lazy day with the ladies.

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Sometimes it takes someone else to find yourself

In case you did not know, I am married and if you know my husband you know he LOVES to take pictures.  When we first got together he would drive me crazy with all his picture taking.  Then one day I discovered the art of the photo book and my view on pictures totally shifted.

It always amazes me how someone can know you better than you know yourself.  These beautiful cameras were gifts from my husband.  At the time I did not know how they would change my life.  Without these I would not have been able to capture the many wonderful moments in my life and without these it would make my 366 day project very difficult.

These little beauties will be traveling with me everyday this year and will help capture the “magic moments of my life.”  Thanks honey for knowing me better than I knew myself!

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A New Year, A New Me???

Resolution, a word that can leave a bad taste in your mouth.  Resolution = Broken Promises??  Not for this girl, after all I am the leading lady of my own life!  Why is it that only at the start of a new year do we try to change things about ourselves.  Why do we not do this on a daily basis?  In the past I have had a mile long list of resolutions that I had hoped to accomplish in the next upcoming year, but this year I only have one….To be present in EVERY day of my life.

So many times I find that I have rushed the day away and not taken a moment to cherish the laughter, love and great moments that has happened.  This year I am choosing to be present, and to appreciate everything my life has to offer.

But with 366 days in 2012 (leap year) how can I possibly remember and appreciate everything that happens…with a picture.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well this blog shall have 366,000.  Each day I will take a photo of something that inspired me, made me laugh, challenged me, or something I enjoyed, and this time next year I will be able to look back and remember how truly great my life is!

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