Saturday and 4 year olds

My favorite 4 year old had his very first soccer game today.  Despite the bitter cold and biting wind the game was a success…my little guy scored 7 goals!!!  Not bad for his very first game.

Watch out Mr. Beckham, there is a new #7 in town!

7 goals makes a very happy boy!




Happy Saturday!!

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First comes marriage, then comes The Ladies

A newlywed couple decide they are ready to expand their family.  They decide they want to get a dog.  In comes a little tiny 8 week old puppy who cries ALL NIGHT LONG!  The new wife is not sure if she wants to keep the dog, so what is the solution…get a second dog!

9 years later these 2 little faces greet me at the door every afternoon.  They are always there, tails wagging ready to give unconditional love that only a fellow pet owner can understand.  Now maybe they are faces only a mother can love, but this mommy loves them whole heartedly!!!


Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!!!

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Taekwondo and Bagels

Today was a super yucky day, weather wise.  The type of day that all you want to do is cuddle up inside.

My nephew has recently started taking taekwondo and I decided to venture out to watch him in action.

This smile made getting wet from the rain totally worth it!

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My Mom, My hero

My Mom is an amazing woman.  She has taught me everything I know and how to be the strong independent woman I am today.  I cherish every moment and conversation I get to have with her.

Tonight we got to celebrate her birthday (a couple days early), and as always it was a lot of fun.

Happy Birthday Mom!!  I love you!!!

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