Daily Life

Sometimes it just makes scents

I traveled all the way here…

For this..

No, not really but it was an added perk.

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Tools for a goal

In this box are tools to help reach a goal that I have been wanting to accomplish for a while.

Wish me luck!

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A Sailors Delight

Red skies at night…

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Mellow Sunday

Since today was like this

We did this…

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Serpent of the Sea

The weather was incredible today.  Not only was it sunny and beautiful it was also unseasonably warm.  I decided to take a little driving adventure with the sunroof open and explore.

My day started out by the court-house.  I love this area because of its old colonial character it has held onto threw out all these years.

Near the court-house there is this really old hardware store.  It has been empty for as long as I can remember, but there is something about this building that I love.

I then decided to head out towards Sandbridge cutting through Pungo to get there.  There is something relaxing about driving through rural Pungo.

And then I headed down to the beach…

Where I found the Serpent of the Sea!

I figured that my little photo driving adventure was not going to get any better than the Serpent herself (yes, I assume she is a woman), so I decided to call it a day.

I hope you enjoyed your Saturday as much as I did!

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A new device to feed the addiction

I love TV and Movies!  I do not have a whole lot of vices, but TV is definitely one fo them.  One of my favorite things is when the new EW comes out with the Fall TV Preview.


After a little research we have made the decision to leave Dish and Tivo for a bigger and badder DVR.  5 shows at once…I wonder if they offer rehab for TV!

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