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Saturday and 4 year olds

My favorite 4 year old had his very first soccer game today.  Despite the bitter cold and biting wind the game was a success…my little guy scored 7 goals!!!  Not bad for his very first game.

Watch out Mr. Beckham, there is a new #7 in town!

7 goals makes a very happy boy!




Happy Saturday!!

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Quinoa + Spinach = a Gastronomic Delight

I am always amazed by the beautiful food pictures on some sites.  The chef capturing each step in a wonderful picture.  They must be really great cooks, because that is not the case with my cooking.  Instead of having time to take photos of the process I am usually “oh, bleep…I need the onions….ahhh it’s burning.”  My kitchen usually looks like  ingredient bomb exploded, I am not the neatest when cooking.  However, it is the finished product that counts, right???

Well tonight we decided to try Quinoa Burgers with Tzatziki and Cheesy Spinach Bake, and it was yummy in this girls tummy!  The Spinach Bake was awesome!  I am planning on re-heating it for a little breakfast Quiche tomorrow morning.  The Quinoa Burgers were also pretty good, kind of reminded me of a latkes.  I may try them with a little unsweetened applesauce.

Happy Friday!

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Bang Bang

Tonight we tried making Bang Bang Cauliflower and roasted vegetables.  D was a little apprehensive about the cauliflower, but in the end he gave it a 7.5.  It was surprisingly good and very filling.  I would give this a try one more time, but this time I will make sure I use Mayo instead of Miracle Whip!

The taste was better than the way it looks in the picture!  🙂

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Spring has Sprung

The weather may still be bi-polar, but it is officially Spring at my house!

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Pro-choice or pro-life, how about pro-women

My mind is spinning right now.  I am amazed and totally bewildered by the current situation happening in this country right now.  Laws are trying to be passed that requires ultrasounds before aborotion, birth control to be deemed illegal, protestors being arrested because they did not have a permit for the location that they were sitting in, and a woman being called a “slut” on a national radio program.

I can not wrap my head around the current situation as much as I have tried.  If this was an issue about race there would be no issue.  If this was about religious prosecution, again it would be non-existent.  But since the it is about women it seems acceptable.  How is this possible?  How is it possible that a man is allowed to call a woman a slut and it is acceptable.  If he used the n-word that would have been outrageous.  Even the definition of slut is defined as a woman.  A man who is readily available is what, a hero??

All of that nonsense aside, I do not understand how any woman can sit back and not be bothered by these laws that are trying to be passed.  It doesn’t matter if you are pro-choice or pro-life, you should be pro-woman.  My beliefs should not matter to anyone other than myself.  Whether I chose to believe in abortion or not, it is no one else’s opinion but my own.  I also do not have the right to tell you what you should believe in either.  Why is it that these legislators are trying to make that decision for all women?  It’s real simple, if you do not believe in it DON’T DO IT!

Yesterday 33 demonstrators were arrested in Richmond for protesting in an area where they did not have a permit.  A PERMIT!  In order to practice your right of freedom of speech you must have a permit that dictates when and where you can practice that right.  A permit that is granted by the same people you are protesting against.  The real question is why were the arrested.  Were they arrested because they were hurting someone else, doubtful.  Where they arrested because they were causing too much chaos, doubtful.  They were arrested because they didn’t want to be heard, sad!

I could probably go on and on about this if given the opportunity, but I will leave it on one note.  Election time is approaching and all these people will want to get your votes.  Before you hand out your vote so freely you should research what each of these people stands for.  Do they have the same beliefs about law as you?  Will they represent your best interests?  I will be doing quite a bit of research myself, and I will be choosing wisely and carefully!


**please note that none of the above photos are my own***

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Sometimes it just makes scents

I traveled all the way here…

For this..

No, not really but it was an added perk.

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Work and a little fun too

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Day 6 – Meatless meatballs and pasta

It was Italian night in the “N” household tonight.  For dinner we has vegan meatballs and some whole wheat pasta.  Yummy!

I also made some No Bake Energy Balls.  They are very good, I would definitely make them again.  You can find the recipe here.  I used vegan chocolate chips and agave nectar instead of honey.  Tasty!!

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Day 5 – Sloppy Joe’s and Low Country Cucumbers

After a long day at the hospital day 4 dinner consisted of leftover Pad Thai, which was great even as a left over.

Tonight we had open-face sloppy joe’s and cucumber salad.  The joe’s were great, the cucumbers were a little to spicy for my taste.  Note to self, next time go easier on the red pepper flakes and hot sauce.

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Day 3 – Breakfast, it’s what’s for dinner

Tonight we tried our hand at a vegan breakfast for dinner, Tofu Scramble, Cajun Home Fries and Apple Crisp Muffins.  The Tofu Scramble was surprisingly good, not exactly the same as scrambled eggs but still pretty good.  The home fries were great, definitely a keeper.  The Apple Crisp Muffins were awesome!  I will absolutely be making these again.  Overall I would say this meal was a success.  3 for 3, not too shabby.

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