First comes marriage, then comes The Ladies

A newlywed couple decide they are ready to expand their family.  They decide they want to get a dog.  In comes a little tiny 8 week old puppy who cries ALL NIGHT LONG!  The new wife is not sure if she wants to keep the dog, so what is the solution…get a second dog!

9 years later these 2 little faces greet me at the door every afternoon.  They are always there, tails wagging ready to give unconditional love that only a fellow pet owner can understand.  Now maybe they are faces only a mother can love, but this mommy loves them whole heartedly!!!


Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!!!

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2 thoughts on “First comes marriage, then comes The Ladies


    They are adorable!!!! I love my girls greeting me. With cats I wonder if they are happy to see me or thinking, “where have you been all day, I’m hungry!” LOL! Seriously, I understand, cause every night I come in and sit down on the floor and everyone crowds around waiting for their turn to get pets. Shadoe sits on my shoulder and licks my ear while waiting her turn. I think she thinks she’s a dog! 🙂

  2. Dee Nachnani

    Honey, I love you and the ladies

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