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Work and a little fun too

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Day 6 – Meatless meatballs and pasta

It was Italian night in the “N” household tonight.  For dinner we has vegan meatballs and some whole wheat pasta.  Yummy!

I also made some No Bake Energy Balls.  They are very good, I would definitely make them again.  You can find the recipe here.  I used vegan chocolate chips and agave nectar instead of honey.  Tasty!!

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Day 5 – Sloppy Joe’s and Low Country Cucumbers

After a long day at the hospital day 4 dinner consisted of leftover Pad Thai, which was great even as a left over.

Tonight we had open-face sloppy joe’s and cucumber salad.  The joe’s were great, the cucumbers were a little to spicy for my taste.  Note to self, next time go easier on the red pepper flakes and hot sauce.

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Day 3 – Breakfast, it’s what’s for dinner

Tonight we tried our hand at a vegan breakfast for dinner, Tofu Scramble, Cajun Home Fries and Apple Crisp Muffins.  The Tofu Scramble was surprisingly good, not exactly the same as scrambled eggs but still pretty good.  The home fries were great, definitely a keeper.  The Apple Crisp Muffins were awesome!  I will absolutely be making these again.  Overall I would say this meal was a success.  3 for 3, not too shabby.

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Veganish – Day 2

Day 2 dinner was a huge success!  I attempted my hand at Pad Thai, or as the recipe called it “Cheater Pad Thai.”  I can sum it up in 1 word….AMAZING!  The only disappointment was that I had not been making this sooner.  It will definitely become apart of the dinner rotation.

A little hot apple cider to finish my day…

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Feeling a little Veganish – Day 1

This past weekend I watched a couple documentaries that really made me think.  While I have been “veg” for a while I have never really tried to give up that all too flavorful and yummy dairy.  If I am honest I am a true lover of all cheeses, I have not yet met one that I do not like.  After watching the information about dairy, the health aspects, I have decided that I am going to try a week diary free.

I am not making a proclamation that I am a vegan, and I will probably never give up my love for beautiful leather handbags, but I am going to try being a little “veganish.”  Luckily I have a husband that goes along with pretty much anything.

So first up on the vegan dinner plan was black beans and rice with vegan sausage.  The sausage was more for D than me, but I enjoyed it too.  I LOVE black beans and rice, and I have mastered my secret recipe, which really only consists of one secret ingredient!  When I was in college in FL there was a little cuban restaurant called Espo’s that served the BEST black beans and rice, I still dream about that place.

For dessert, because I have the biggest sweet tooth known to man, I made a little non-diary wild berry smoothie.  Not exactly ice cream, but it was pretty good if I do say so.

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A day of organization

I love organization.  I could spend hours here.  Usually  each season change I like to clean out my closet and re-organize it.  I have a system I like to keep, and I tend to be slightly ocd about it.

At the start of each season I turn all my hangers in one direction.  As I wear the items I change the hanger to face the other direction.  This allows me to see what I have worn and what I have not worn in a while.  Those items that have not been worn all season get to take a trip to the thrift store.

Of course no closet with complete without a pretty chandelier.

I am not really a heel kinda girl, I am more of a flats, Vans and sandal kinda girl.

And yes, the my closet is purple and I LOVE IT!

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Good Morning Las Vegas

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It’s Magic, magic, magic



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Tools of the Trade

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