A Good Mixtape Can Put You In The Right Mood

I have a very healthy obsession with music.  I am not even really sure how far it dates back, but I am pretty sure I inherited it from my parents.  It may have started with my obsession with the movie Grease, or my early cassettes of the Go-Go’s, but it has stuck with me for a good portion of my life.

For me, music is literally the soundtrack of my life.  There is nothing better than the feeling you get from a song that transports you back into another time, memories flooding in like water.  I can pretty much tell if I am going to like a song within the first 20 seconds, and I am always looking for new music.  So when I found out about this amazing little app called Shazam it was instant love!  How is this possible, is it magic???  Is there a team of people listening to each song captured?  Do they have a database that is the size of Rhode Island?  Who cares, IT ROCKS!!!

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One thought on “A Good Mixtape Can Put You In The Right Mood

  1. Shazam is magic. I use it on commercials if I like the background music.

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