Sometimes it takes someone else to find yourself

In case you did not know, I am married and if you know my husband you know he LOVES to take pictures.  When we first got together he would drive me crazy with all his picture taking.  Then one day I discovered the art of the photo book and my view on pictures totally shifted.

It always amazes me how someone can know you better than you know yourself.  These beautiful cameras were gifts from my husband.  At the time I did not know how they would change my life.  Without these I would not have been able to capture the many wonderful moments in my life and without these it would make my 366 day project very difficult.

These little beauties will be traveling with me everyday this year and will help capture the “magic moments of my life.”  Thanks honey for knowing me better than I knew myself!

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes it takes someone else to find yourself

  1. Hey Steph, I really like that quote 🙂 “Sometimes it takes someone else to find yourself.” Maybe you should start a novel too 😉 You’re a good writer and you read enough; you could be the next Stephenie Meyer! Anyways you’ve inspired me to get into photography. My parents have nice cameras but I think I would like a camera of my own. Nothing too fancy but something I could use on a day-to-day basis. Any recommendations? And even I know how much Dee loves to take pictures lol

    • Thanks Tyler! I appreciate the compliment. The camera I actually use the most is the small Canon S95. Your dad and mom both have this camera. It is a good little camera because you can change the settings and carry it with you all the time. You should see if Cox offers a photography class.

  2. Christina

    Love this picture,and the basis of this blog is so true.

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